Welcome Class of 2016!

Welcome to The Garnet Donkey!

Garnet Donkey is the Internet home of the Swarthmore College Young Democrats. Here you can find information about our chapter and a forum for debate and discussion.

Swarthmore College is located in Delaware County, PA – a swing county in a swing state. In 2004, Kerry won PA by 144,248 votes. A whopping 30% – 42,176 – of that margin came from Delaware County alone. And in 2008, Obama won PA by 620,478 votes, with 63,597 (10%) coming from our county. We stormed the dorms to register voters and knocked on doors all over Chester to get out the vote.  2009 saw us phonebanking for health care reform, canvassing for local elections, and getting involved with the Bryan Lentz campaign (more on that later).

You couldn’t have picked a better spot to get involved in the 2010 cycle.  On the local level, Delaware County is at a political tipping point.  One party (not ours) has controlled the county and most of its towns for 0ver a century.  There have been books written about it.  (Don’t believe me?  Check out this one.)  But the last of the great machines  is on its way to the scrapyard.  Demographic changes have whittled the Republican registration advantage down to almost even, and the writing is on the wall for backroom government.  On the national level, our U.S. Rep Joe Sestak is in one of the most closely watched Senate races in the nation.  Running to replace him in the US House is our current State Rep, Bryan Lentz, in what nonpartisan blog pa2010.com calls the most competitive race in Pennsylvania.  As we fight to hang on to Democratic majorities in both the House and Senate, Sestak and Lentz are nationally crucial, and both have broad appeal as distinguished veterans and political outsiders.  What’s more, both of their offices are right on the Baltimore Pike – Lentz’s is a five-minute walk off campus in Old Sproul shopping center and Sestak’s is a five-minute ride into Media.  All in all, we’re in a perfect position to make a real difference from right here.

Our chapter has been very busy over the past few years, growing from a few diehard Dems meeting in Parrish Parlors to an active organization playing a significant role in local politics.  This rapid growth means that freshman play a full and active role – no waiting for years until you have any say in the direction of the chapter.  There’s a longstanding tradition of electing freshmen to office, so don’t hesitate to get involved.  Current Secretary Julio Alicea and Treasurer Peter Gross were freshmen when elected last year, and current Vice President Harry Apostoleris was Treasurer in his first year.

You can get involved in many ways:

  • Become a blogger for the Garnet Donkey!  To get started, talk to Nick Allred ’13 (nallred1@swarthmore.edu)
  • Bookmark this page and read our daily posts by fellow Swatties!
  • Comment on posts by our bloggers and
  • Add your home email to:

the Garnet Donkey’s mailing list and         the College Dems’ mailing list

You will receive minutes, action alerts, and general updates.

Garnet Donkey is more than just a website for posting press releases. It is an open forum for debate and discussion; a way to advertise opportunities for action and volunteering; a place to learn, be challenged, and challenge others in a respectful atmosphere – much like Swat itself!

Join the conversation on Garnet Donkey today, and make sure to join the Swarthmore College Dems when you arrive at Swarthmore. (Traditionally Tuesday evenings around 9 in Kohlberg 228.  Details vary each semester, contact an officer for details.)

More Information

Mission Statement, Charter, and History of the Swat Dems

Meet the Current Officers and our bloggers

Buy Garnet Donkey Gear – Show up at Swat in style!

Photos of Past Swarthmore Dems Events

A word of wisdom passed down from blogger Charlie Decker:

Congratulations. You are officially the future of Swarthmore. For the guys, that means many nights sitting alone in your room, frightened of the “rowdy” frat boys. For the girls? Four years of guys who have no idea how to talk to the opposite sex. So, what is the best way to distract yourself? Surely not schoolwork.

No, the best way is to get involved with the College Democrats and a Garnet Donkey team. Even as a freshman, you can make a huge difference in the College Dems.


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